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since 1969

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Dosificadores Automáticos, S.L.

DOSICO is a brand with a long track record in the hygiene sector. It began in 1969 but today it operates with a new approach based on the values it has built over the decades.

We don't spend our time "selling" our products. First of all we study and analyse our clients needs individually, bringing them our experience and offering specific, customised solutions to their requirements.

  • With 48 years as dispenser manufacturers behind us, we offer quality solutions for public and group facilities.All the products we manufacture and sell are subject to constant quality control to offer the highest quality standards and guarantees.

  • We customise most of our products with our client's corporate image and we also have a colour customisation service in references for which is technically possible.

  • We have been building our experience in the sector since 1969, which means you can trust us to advise you on your products for public and group facilities.

  • Our products are accompanied by plenty of technical documents with their technical and logistical parameters and we offer to replace the products free of charge during the warranty period if there are any manufacturing defects. You will find more information in the "Terms and Conditions" section.

  • We deliver the products we have in stock within 24-72 hours on the Iberian peninsula, and we manufacture special orders within seven working days.